How Does a Tenderizer Affect the Texture of the Meat?

Generally, tender cuts of meat tend to be more expensive compared to other cuts, and serving meat on a tight budget can be challenging. To be honest, there are many ways to tenderize a slice of hard meat before cooking it. This includes pounding, soaking in a marinade, scoring, or sprinkling it over with a powdered meat tenderizer. All of these processes have the same objective: break down the meat thickness, hard muscle fibers, and the protein that linked them.

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Know Your Meat 

Meats came from the animal’s muscle. Each cut of meat is created out of muscle fibers that bound together by the help of protein filaments called collagen. When a met get tenderized, it breaks the long strands of muscles as well as softening the hardest collagen until it turns into gelatin. This gelatin inside the meat makes it tenderized and add moisture to make the meat taste juicier.

The tenderizing method can be achieved by simply pounding the meat, or using a chemical reaction to exposed the acids in marinades and meat tenderizers which you can buy on the market.

Tenderizer: What Is It?

 The most common ingredients in powdered tenderizers are papain which can be found in papayas, and bromelain which can be found in pineapples. Both of these enzymes attack the meat’s muscle fibers and the hard collagen components which holds them together.

These enzymes soften the meats and make it tenderer and juicier.  Because of this, you can’t put raw papaya or pineapple in gelatin desserts. The bromelain (pineapple) and papain (papaya) break down the substance of the gelatin as they do with the collagen in the meats.

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